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MTH locomotives

Lionel Battle Train | End still not in sight for war of toy trains - tribunedigital-baltimoresun

"I don't see an end in sight." Jerry Calabrese, Lionel's chief executive, said, "The MTH guys want their day in court, and so do we." When that day comes is anyone's guess. This is an outsized legal dispute to gain the commercial affections of an aging North American universe of model train enthusiasts. Some train collectors describe it as men fighting over toys, but they also note there is big money - estimated worldwide sales of $2 billion annually - at stake in an up-and-down business that holds nostalgic appeal. Model train collectors hear the rumble of a fatal collision. "It's a fight for survival. Whoever loses will probably go out of business," said Tom McComas, a film producer and model train enthusiast in Michigan City, Ind. "They're fighting this with the same venom and animosity of the railroad barons, and it's all over toys." McComas, who produced a documentary for PBS marking the 100th anniversary of Lionel in 2000, said the model train business is "dwindling. Before you decide to go into greater depth about the niche on the American Flyer trains, look at this, collectors are dying off and they aren't being replaced at the same rate. ... . Kids today don't grow up with Lionel trains." Still, there is money to be made, especially from men over the age of 50 who had Lionel trains when they were young and now have more disposable income. At the lower age spectrum, last month's recall of 1.5 million Thomas & Friends wooden railway toys because of lead paint served as a reminder that, as McComas said, "There is still some intrinsic fascination with trains." The Lionel-MTH battle stems from a 2000 complaint filed by Howard County's MTH, which sued the 107-year-old Lionel, accusing the company of selling trains based on designs that had been stolen from a South Korean manufacturer that worked for MTH.

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s HO Line brings forth the innovative, high etch sophistication to HO scale in ways no other HO manufacturer can emulate. Please call for a current price. Rail King products generally have longer production runs. To change a locomotive from one type of track to the other, all that's involved is the removal or addition of center-rail pick-up rollers and the flip of a slide switch discreetly located on the locomotive. In 1987 MTS became a subcontractor for Lionel, building reproductions of early standard gauge trains. Don't forget to add people and animals to heighten the interest! You title it and you simply have it variety of types can be found during the market now. The one problem lies of their becoming diverse in several regions.

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Toy-Train Titans Near End of Long Dispute

"We don't like each other. It's personal. It's been very difficult." The dispute has unnerved toy-train enthusiasts. It's been "bewildering," said Carl Swanson, editor of Classic Toy Trains magazine. "It's just been such a blizzard of claims and counterclaims." The clash began in 2000 after Lionel, which had long manufactured its train sets in the United States, began building them in South Korea, where MTH and others made their trains. Lionel's Korean subcontractor allegedly paid an employee of MTH's subcontractor to steal train designs. The Lionel subcontractor was found guilty in a South Korean court, and MTH sued Lionel in the United States, claiming damage to its business. In 2004, a Michigan jury awarded MTH $38.6 million in damages.

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