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Athearn Genesis SDP45 HO Model Review

Built to replace multi-unit consists of aging F7 s and F9 s, the SDP45 saw service on some of the Great Northern and Southern Pacific's premier passenger trains. The burly units were equally capable of handling freight duties as well. The decline in passenger service, but more abruptly the coming of Amtrak in 1971 brought an end to the passenger assignments for these locomotives. Both the SP and GN locomotives would continue to haul freight into the coming decades however. Erie Lackawanna had the largest fleet of the locomotives, though they weren't technically SDP45s since they never had steam generators, nor were they ever assigned to passenger service. Instead, the EL used the extra frame length and hood space to accommodate larger fuel tanks and extra ballast for higher traction. EL used the enormous fuel tanks of the SDP45 (aka SD45M) and SD45-2 models to go across the length of New York state without a fuel stop - an effort to avoid higher fuel taxes. These locomotives would end up having the longest careers - with many still in service today after being rebuilt in the 1990s. Their owners included Erie Lackawanna, Conrail, VMV, Southern Pacific and now Union Pacific.Just before you choose to go any further into the subject of the Walthers trains, take a peek here, try visiting blog posts - general to see.

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WSOR boxcar painted for Athearn | Trains Magazine

Hope this helped. 6 people found this useful Answered by The WikiAnswers Community Making the world better, one answer at a time. How does a Very Fast Train work? To start off there are many different kinds of trains around the world which have different speeds and work differently. Nearly all high speed trains work with electric power these days as it is the only easy and environmentally friendly source of energy. But some also work magnetically for example the Maglev which clocked 581kmh on its test run. The electric energy can be collected from overhead wires by pantographs or even just from the tracks. That collected energy is then turned in to movement energy by motors which then use that energy to make the train move by turning the wheels. Some of the collected energy is also used to power lights, air conditioners, toilets and computers in the drivers cabin which calculate speed and other notes. 2 people found this useful GULED RULES How does the Maglev train work? Magnets can either attract or repell other magnets, depending upon whether opposite poles (north vs.

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We are liquidating all rolling stock and locomotives in our retail store immediately! Athearn acquired the Globe Models product line and improved upon it, introducing a comprehensive array of locomotive, passenger and freight car models. WE ARE NO LONGER OFFERING ATHEARN PRODUCTS For those of you who did not know, last year when we moved our retail store and shipping department in August of 2012 to our current location, we also changed our business from a sole proprietorship to an LLB. However, Athearn / Horizon Hobby also demanded a personal guaranty. If the assets of the LLB are not enough to cover the debts and liabilities, the creditors generally cannot look to the members, managers or officers for recovery.” As a customer of A/HF we have always paid our bills starting in 2008 when we opened our first retail store.  Sign up today for our e-newsletter and print mailings.

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